Portland train stabbing suspect makes his first court appearance

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PORTLAND, Oregon - If you want to know what hate looks like, Portland police said look no further than the face of the suspect in Friday's deadly train attack.

Jeremy Joseph Christian made his first court appearance Tuesday afternoon.

The 35-year-old is facing aggravated murder charges but police expect a grand jury to consider additional charges in the next few days.

Christian is known for his extremist views and there are two alt-right rallies scheduled in Portland over the next two weekends. In light of Friday's violence, the city's mayor wants the rallies scrapped.

"It's okay to be in shock," said Mayor Ted Wheeler. "And it's okay to feel a lot of emotion right now and a lot of sadness. For some people, there's a lot of anger. That's going to continue to come to the forefront in the days ahead. That's why I'm asking the federal government and the organizers of next weekend's rallies to work with me to cancel those events and make sure that they don't happen."

The first rally has already been granted a permit.

Wheeler hopes to revoke that permission, out of respect for the victims.

Witnesses said three men were stabbed trying to calm Christian down as he verbally assaulted two teenage girls. Two of the victims died. The third is still in the hospital and expected to survive.

The killings have shaken Portlanders.

President Trump weighed in on Monday via twitter calling the attacks "unacceptable" and saying the victims were "standing up to hate and intolerance."

Ultimately a jury will decide Christian's fate, but a death penalty sentence is a possibility.