Iowa siblings create YouTube channel for ‘young nerds’

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IOWA CITY, Iowa - "Hey, nerd friends! I'm Katy, and welcome to 'Young Nerds Society.'"

That's right, YouTube now has its own 'Nerd Society' thanks to eleven-year-old, Katy Ham, who got tired of being teased and kinda bullied by her classmates.

"Some of them are my friends, they call me weird," Katy said. "They call me, like, a nerd. Apparently, that's bad in their minds."

Katy has learned to embrace her nerdy side and now she's making it cool to be a nerd.

"You stand up for yourself. If somebody says your interests are stupid, just say, 'I don't think so." Katy said in one of her YouTube video posts.

Part of Katy's expression of nerdiness is her twice-a-week YouTube show with her brother, Tom.

Together, the nerdy siblings have tapped into some real wisdom.

"There's a certain sort of fearlessness of saying like 'not only am I not going to change myself to fit in with whoever at school, but I'm going to reach out to this much larger community,'" Katy and Tom's father, John, said.

And Katy's advice doesn't just apply to nerds we could all learn something from this kid.

"If somebody's putting you down because of your interests, which has happened to me before, believe me, I kinda just ignore them," Katy said. "You should, too."

And if you like being a nerd, that's okay, too.

"Yeah, I want to be a nerd because they are the most unique people and that's wonderful," Katy said.

You go, girl.