Texas hosts annual Free Fishing Day in the Lone Star State

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By Natalie Hee

HOUSTON-- It's time to grab your hook and line, because Saturday marks the annual Free Fishing Day in the Lone Star State.

That means anyone can go fish at any public body of water without paying for a license.

Buddy Wolfe is a manager at local, supply store Fishing Tackle Unlimited.

“It is an avenue to get a lot of enjoyment out of the outdoors. I'm to the point where I just love being on the water. Love the boat ride. Love being out. It’s not so important to catch fish for me anymore," Wolfe said.

Texas Parks and Wildlife said its mission is to get more people outdoors and Free Fishing Day is a chance to reel in some rookies and get them hooked on the sport.

“It’s a nice initiative to get newcomers who have never fished before out on the water, enjoying nature and connecting with their family and friends and having fun," Fishing Tackle Unlimited manager, Kyle Krueger said. 

While you don't need a license if you're under 17 years old or fishing at a state park, a fishing license for everyone else can cost anywhere from $7 to $40 for state residents.
Even if the free admission doesn't bait and lure you to a nearby pond or lake just think this could be your chance to catch yourself a free meal.

 (Length and bag limits will still apply.)