Texas City Police: Man causes fiery, fatal crash moments after being released from hospital

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LA MARQUE, Texas — The La Marque Fire Department was on the scene of a horrific fatal crash Sunday night after a fatal crash resulted in two vehicles bursting into flames, according to the Texas City Police Department.

Valentina Jones, 26, had been admitted to the Mainland Medical Center at 10 p.m. Sunday night, investigators said. After being released, the suspect climbed into into a 2007 black Lexus occupied by two women in the hospital’s parking lot.

When the two women got out of the vehicle, police said Jones jumped into the driver’s seat and drove off. On his way out, investigators said the suspect hit one of the women — identified as 43-year-old Michelle Coleman — inflicting the woman with minor injuries.

Investigators said Jones was speeding southbound on Highway 3 when the driver slammed into the backend of a white Ford F-150 at the FM 1765 intersection, entrapping the other driver inside their vehicle. Both vehicle immediately became engulfed in flames as a result of the crash, police said.

Officers said Jones was able to escape, but he was arrested by Texas City police moments later.

The other driver died at the scene. Investigators are still working to identify the victim.

Firefighters were able to extinguish the fire.

Investigators are working with the Galveston County District’s Attorney’s Office on charging Jones.