New Birth Control App launches in Houston to combat “contraceptive desert” issue

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HOUSTON– The Nurx Birth Control App has officially launched in the State of Texas.

The app, which launched Monday, allows women and girls to get a prescription for their birth control from one of Nurx’s doctors and have it delivered to their door.

Much of Texas lies in what’s known as a “contraceptive desert.”

Contraceptive deserts are counties where the number of public clinics with the full range of contraceptive methods is not enough to meet the needs of the county’s population, with at least one clinic to every 1,000 women in need of publicly funded contraception.

“Women should not have to jump through unnecessary hoops just to access birth control,” Medical Director, Dr. Jessica Knox said.

The app will make it easier for women to access birth control options for free with health insurance, or as little as $15 a month for those who wish to pay out-of-pocket.

For Texas residents who do not have health insurance, the company is also giving away a $30 credit for up to two-months of free birth control through the app.

Users will simply enter the promo code ‘TEXAS’ at checkout to access the deal on the app.

“The most effective way to reduce abortion rates is to prevent unintended pregnancy by improving access to consistent, effective and affordable contraception,” the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) said.