Houston’s “Street Olympics” program kicks off its 31st Summer Games for kids

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HOUSTON-- At Mickey Leland Memorial Park, Harris County Precinct One Commissioner Rodney Ellis helped kick off the 31st annual Summer Games.

As part of the Street Olympics program, kids are encouraged to play in Olympic-style competitions that come with a twist.

The games include jump rope, football toss, basketball dribble, kickball and Hula Hoop.

"This has developed into a premier summer program for kids throughout Harris County," Ellis said. "We have all of the things kids want to do, but what we're really doing is teaching them how to navigate life's course. We're showing kids how they can compete and win and also, if they don't win at a particular game, as is the case many times in life, how to win or lose with grace."

Competitions will be held in partnership with about 90 Houston-area youth agencies.

"This is when it's so important to touch these kids lives, when they're young. It's a time when a lot of kids end up getting in trouble during the summer, and this is a way to give them an alternative."

The eight week program culminates with a closing ceremony on August 4 at NRG Arena.