HPD: 4 warehouse burglary suspects arrested after car loses tire mid-chase

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HOUSTON — Through the help of a dedicated security guard and a malfunctioning tire, officers were able to arrest four burglary suspects after the men were caught on camera stealing roofing shingles from a northwest Houston warehouse.

Two of the men were riding in a Dodge car and other two a GMC SUV when the group pulled up to the ABC Supply Co. around 2 a.m. Wednesday, the Houston Police Department said. Investigators said the men cut the lock off a chain-link fence before entering the company’s yard and loading dozens of roofing shingle packages into both vehicles. 

The alarm company spotted the men on surveillance cameras positioned on the top of the warehouse building and called authorities, police said. The alarm company’s security guard came out as well. Investigators said the guard arrived before officers, but as he pulled into the yard, the suspects were already driving off.

HPD said the security worker followed the suspects while on the phone with police. Responding officers were able to stop and arrest the suspects riding in the SUV on N. Shepherd Drive, but the Dodge car took off and an HPD unit gave chase, police said.

The chase lasted for about 15 minutes until the suspect reached W. Montgomery Street and W. Little York Drive. Officers said the driver tried to make a sharp turn onto Blue Sky, and the car’s left front tire came completely off. Officers caught up with the remaining two suspects and arrested them.

All four suspects face felony evading and burglary charges, the police department said.

Investigators believe the suspects’ vehicles were used in additional burglaries at other stores owned by ABC Supply Co, according to information given to HPD from the company’s security team.