Caught on Camera: Two passengers survive being thrown across freeway into oncoming traffic in horrific car crash!

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JIANGXI PROVINCE, China - Talk about two close for comfort!

When a horrific car crash is caught on camera in Eastern China, two passengers can be seen being tossed around like rag dolls after being thrown from the smashed up vehicle.

Video footage shows the car veering off the road before bouncing off a freeway guardrail.

That's when the two passengers were thrown from the backseat of the vehicle.

One person appears to land on a median of the opposite side of the freeway, while the other goes flying right across the roadway coming to a rest just as a huge truck is able to brake in time before hitting them.

The driver and another passenger who were wearing their seat belts were not injured in the crash.

So, if you ever needed proof of why you should always wear a seat belt, here it is.

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