Family confirms identity of missing 26-year-old motorcyclist after mowers find body in grass in NE Houston

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HOUSTON -- Family members have confirmed that the body of man found in northeast Houston is Gerean Brown, a 26-year-old who went missing after leaving a popular nightclub. Houston police, however, have not confirmed the identity.

[Video: Police provide updates on body found in northeast Houston]

According to a missing person's flyer, Brown was last seen on May 29 at Mr. A's club at 3409 Calvacade. He texted a friend saying he was on his way home, but was never heard from again. He was last seen wearing a white t-shirt with four Xs down the middle, white jeans and a red belt. He goes by nicknames "Gee" and "G-Baby."

Friends and family believed Brown was targeted for the custom-built motorcycle he was riding at the nightclub.

Community activist Quanell X, surrounded by Brown's family, held a press conference Thursday in front of Mr. A's asking for any tips leading to his whereabouts.

Shortly after the news conference wrapped up, a mowing crew found a decomposing body in the 3900 block of the Eastex Freeway frontage road around 11:56 a.m. A motorcycle was also nearby.

"We have not positively identified this individual. We did have a missing person's report come into the HPD Missing Person's Unit," said HPD Executive Assistant Chief Troy Finner. "At this time we are looking at it, investigating it as an accident; that's what it appears like right now."

Police are awaiting the Medical Examiner's Office to release positive identification.

Finner said HPD is conducting a joint investigation with several divisions to ensure no stone is left unturned, and to give the family the "justice that they need, if need be."

"This is something to remember; the grass was very high until this morning. When they started cutting the grass, that's when they uncovered the body and the motorcycle," Finner said. "If that grass is high, you can't really see and you're not going to go into 10 feet of grass so that is where we are right now. I'm glad that we did find him because whoever this individual is, it's a way that we start moving toward closure for the family."

Finner stressed that there are no signs of foul play at the moment and it appears that the motorcycle rider, at some point, left the roadway and the bike flipped over.

Family members are adamant that neither the body nor the motorcycle were there when they searched the area the day after Brown went missing.

[Video: Family confirms identity of missing loved one; speaks about closure]

"It was not an accident," Brown's grieving mother, Shirley Davidson, said. "If you did this to my son I would like for you to come forward and say something, please. It wasn't an accident."

Friends and family members gathered at the scene spoke about how loving and kind Brown was.

"He was a nice person. He was very sweet, we were close," his cousin, Taylor Burgay said. "Just pray about it to try to get over it. It's going to be hard."

Burgay said she is hoping that Brown's death was an accident, and no one intentionally harmed him.

Brown's sister, Sandra Eleby, said their pain is now mixed with relief.

"Just hurt. I'm glad we found our brother, but it's just hurt and a lot of anger. We know we searched there and it was nothing, but now it is so I guess we just have to leave it up to them and their investigation to see how it all turns out," she said.

Eleby said Brown's mother has not had any peace since he went missing.

"Pain of her not sleeping, not wanting to eat because she just wanted her baby; her only son. It's hard to explain. It's hard to even talk about for her because she will be in a lot of pain until whenever," Eleby said. "It's hard for all of us. We're just glad that we found his body so that we can give him a proper burial and we'll have some kind of closure."

Despite police being reluctant to confirm Brown's identity, Eleby said they know the body found was that of their loved one.

"They identified everything he had on, and of course I know that's his bike because his other brothers helped him build it. It's OK, it's kind of some relief. At least we know where he's at now and no more searching," Eleby said.

Still, she says she believes foul play was involved.

"He's a great rider. Why would he pass up one street from his house to fly one street up and wreck and us not even seeing him in the little bushes that were there even though we searched there?" Eleby questioned.

She says the family will not be completely at peace until they have more answers.

"He was a great rider, he was a great brother, we were super close. Our bond is everlasting when you are part of us," Eleby said.


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