March against Sharia Law takes place at San Jacinto Battleground

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LA PORTE, Texas -- Marches against the Sharia Law took place across the country Saturday, and most places featured a protest against Muslims with a counter-protest happening against Islamaphobia.

Surrounding areas of Houston were no different as that scene played out at the San Jacinto Battleground in La Porte.

"We`re not interested in a conversation with them... these are some hardcore haters, so we are out here to oppose them, not dialogue with them," said Dr. David Michael Smith, an opposing protester.

Of course there were completely opposite views from anti-Muslim protesters present at the march.

"They won`t tell us why the Sharia Law should be good for this country, they don`t tell us why we need to let in all these Muslims, all they can do is call us names and chant this nonsense," an anti-Muslim protester commented.

Similar marches have been taking place all over the country, causing much tension between both sides of this argument.

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