So you’re not crazy after all… study suggests talking to yourself is actually healthy for your brain

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GRAND RAPIDS, Michigan -- Can talking to yourself turn you into a genius?

Well, a new study out of Bangor University in the UK seems to point in that direction.

"This is new research. We don't totally know where it's gonna go yet," Spectrum Health's Chief of Psychology, Dr. Jared I. Skillings, Ph.D., explained. "Maybe people who talk to themselves more are actually doing a better job of accessing those parts of their brain more than the rest of us who just sit quietly and think things."

So, talking to yourself can actually be healthy! It's exercise for your brain!

Researchers say talking out loud helps improve control over a task.

Athletes do it all the time, especially golfers.  Even football players do it.

Research shows talking out loud improves both concentration and performance.

"As crazy as it does sound, you may be more likely to walk yourself through what happened," Skillings suggested. "Because what you're really doing by talking out loud is you're actually accessing different parts of your brain. So when you talk, if it's more emotional, you can access the emotion-focused parts of your brain. If it's more logical, you'd access those parts of your brain."

"It's one of the things that happen very early on in life so babies develop language pretty early," Skillings added.

As babies, we talk to ourselves a lot........but as adults -- not so much.

"People don't walk around the street most of the time just talking to themselves out loud because other folks would think they're crazy," Skillings said.

So.....all those mad scientists who talk to themselves...may have an ingenious method to their madness!

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