Battleship Texas closed for repairs until further notice

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LA PORTE, Texas - The Battleship Texas is undergoing a major overhaul.

“Things are a little off here at the Battleship Texas. We've got some leaks going on, often the battleship does leak, takes on water and we have pumps to take it off. Yesterday afternoon we developed leaks more robust than our pumps were able to handle,” said Bill Irwin, Park Superintendent for the San Jacinto State Historical Site.

They've got anywhere from 25 to 30 pumps running now to get her clear.

And you might think she's leaking from one of the two times the ship was hit during the Normandy invasion, but nope. She's just getting old.

“The leaks we have today is because we have a 100-year-old battleship, and she's sitting in brackish water so it's just her age and the deterioration of the hull,” said Irwin.

Man getting old sucks.

Logan Ross and his family drove all the way from Houma, Louisiana to see the Metallica show and stopped by the battleship on their way back home.

“We came to see the boat, we were hoping to get a tour, but it looks like they're working on it, cause it took on a little water,” Logan said.

Until they get the ship back to center it's too dangerous to climb aboard.

Folks are still free to come check out the exterior and there's the San Jacinto Monument right across the street.

Even with a little lean, this century old dreadnaught still looks as beautiful as ever.

We can only hope to look as good when we hit the big 100, right?!

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