Police fatally shoot dog caught attacking woman in Long Beach

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Police remained at the scene of the fatal shooting of a dog on June 12, 2017. (Credit: KTLA)

LONG BEACH, Cali. — Officers were forced to shoot and kill a dog that was apparently attacking a woman over the weekend in Long Beach, according to CW39-affiliate KTLA.

Long Beach police officers were called to the scene Sunday around 11:30 p.m. after reports of a woman screaming in the 4100 block of Norse Way. When officers arrived, they found the woman being attacked by a dog in a residential and business neighborhood.

Officers tried to get the dog off the woman, but were unable to and eventually shot the dog at least two times, police said.

The dog died. It is unclear if the dog was a stray or if it belonged to someone.

It was taken to to Long Beach animal Care Services, where officials will try to determine if the it had a chip.

The woman was hospitalized with extensive, but not life threatening injuries to her lower body, police said.

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