A new study claims its harder for millennials to be healthy compared to previous generations

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By Natalie Hee, 

HOUSTON– A new study reveals that millennials might have to work harder than their parents just to stay skinny. This means they must eat less and exercise more just to stay the same weight.

Newsfix went out to Buffalo Bayou Park and the consensus was split, with people blaming weight gain on everything from time and junk food to social media.

“Yeah, kinda, with all the fast food industry going and then with social media saying you have to be a certain weight,” said Kylie Flores.

A recent study published in the journal ‘Obesity Research and Clinical Practice’ blames an increase in the use of prescription pills linked to weight gain, as well as more meat, hormones, artificial sweeteners and other chemicals in our diets.

“I don’t agree with it. I’m fat just cause I can’t keep my mouth shut,” Rolando Delgado said.

“The time. It’s harder to cook your own food so you usually go to a restaurant or get fast food,” said Eulalio Rosales

In fact, new data shows that a third of the world is now overweight and the US is leading the path.

The experts at the Houston Medical Weight Loss Center agree.

“Food companies have gotten very sneaky about hiding things in their foods. So although people have gotten a lot more conscious about the foods they’re eating, the actual companies have gotten sneakier as far as hiding what’s in the food,” Kessler Kapadia said.

They add that millennials’ sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help.

So, what’s the best way to get hashtag skinny?

Seems like millennials are going to have to work on their willpower as well as their bodies.

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