Cops arrest dad for leaving toddlers in the car to go gamble inside a casino

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SANTA FE COUNTY, N.M. - Police in New Mexico arrested this dad for leaving his three toddlers in the car at a casino while he went inside to hit the poker tables.

Cops confronted 34-year-old Andrew Martinez in the parking lot after casino security discovered what the dad was allegedly up to.

"How long were you inside the casino?" a deputy can be seen asking on his bodycam footage.

"By the time I walked in there, and I walked in there, I was about in there for 15 minutes," Martinez said.

"And what were you going to go do in there?" deputy asked.

"Yeah, refreshments," Martinez said.

He even told the cops he wanted a discount burger inside.

"McDonald's has specials, I mean, you can get a burger for a buck," the deputy told him.

"Do you think it's a good idea to leave your kids out in the car for 20, 30 minutes while you go gamble a hand, right?" the deputy questioned him.

"This was a poor mistake," Martinez finally admitted.

Sheriff's deputies even personally checked on Martinez's kids-- a pair of two-year-old twins and a four-year-old-- still sitting in his SUV in the parking lot.

"Where's mom?" the deputy asked.

"At Grandma Nan's," the little one responded.

"You going in that casino and leaving your kids out in the car is child neglect," the deputy said.

Martinez ended up behind bars on three counts of child abuse.

Now this dad better hope lady luck is on his side or he could be betting on the Big House.

The kids are now safe with mom. We hope.

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