Critter News: Coyote’s, bears and passive pooches

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LOS ANGELES COUNTY, Calif.-- Surveillance camera recently caught a mama bear and her cub rummaging through a trash can in a California neighborhood before being bullied by a hungry coyote.

The homeowner Chris McDonald was shocked when he realized what his cameras captured.

"You notice there was a small coyote, very skinny but very brazen, came right out to where the mother and the cub were," McDonald said. "I'm not sure what its interest was, but it looked almost like it was interested in the cub."

The coyote kept refusing to give up and continued inching closer and closer to the mama bear and her cub.

"The mother kept the cub very close, so it seemed well-protected despite the efforts of the coyote," McDonald said.

"I'm very concerned about the cub actually and the bear itself either getting injured by the coyotes or other animals in the area," McDonald said. "I'm hoping the fish and wildlife can come out and maybe capture them and get them tagged and maybe relocated to a safer area."

Speaking of bears, one decided to join a race in Colorado.

During a 10-mile race through the Garden of the Gods Park, a bear decided to cross the road right in front of the runners.

But he wasn't the only disqualified critter, lately.

A German Shepherd named 'Gavel' was kicked off the police force for being too cuddly and friendly.

But all's not lost for 'Gavel'.

Australian leaders have made him a 'vice-regal' dog, which makes him more of an official greeter.

Way to put the hammer down, Gavel!

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