Viral Video: Woman rides on hood of car driving down Highway 290

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HOUSTON — OK, people! Sometimes you just have to breakdown and purchase that dream convertible car.

A video claims to show a woman casually sitting on the hood of what appears to be a white Impala as the vehicle cruises down Highway 290 in Houston. We thinks she's either wearing the summer's most lightweight, light-blue romper...or her pajamas.

The video was posted Monday by HTown Happy Hour, but it's unclear when the bold ride actually took place. On the other hand, many may agree when it is appropriate to commit such a stunt: NEVER!

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Still, it wouldn't be the craziest thing to happen on a freeway— especially not in Houston! Remember the riderless horse caught galloping down the Loop near Cullen last summer? Houston traffic never ceases to astonish!

We may never know the name of this mystery woman, or what possessed her to ride on the hood of a car.

Oh, well! Until Houston's next viral video—yippee ki-yay!

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