Houston Health Department educates Fifth Ward residents about the Zika Virus

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HOUSTON-- The City of Houston Health Department visited more than 1,600 homes in Kashmere Gardens and the Greater Fifth Ward community to teach residents how to protect themselves against Zika and other mosquito borne diseases.

The mosquito control division of Harris County Public Health has detected an unusually large number of mosquitoes in fifth ward.

HHD went go door to door through the neighborhoods handing residents information packets with flyers, brochures, mosquito repellent and condoms to help educate them about reducing mosquito breeding sites.

HHD will teach residents HHD’s “3D Zika Defense.”

The three Ds stand for using repellent with DEET, draining standing water and dressing in long sleeves with long pants as weather permits.

The mosquito control division will assist residents to reduce mosquito-breeding sites in homes where property owners may have problems controlling standing water.