Let them eat! Governor Abbott signs anti ‘lunch shaming’ bill

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HOUSTON-- Thursday evening Governor Greg Abbott has signed Senate Bill 1566 - the "lunch shaming" bill - into law. State Representative Helen Giddings is the one behind the bill. Her goal was to stop public schools from publicly embarrassing students.

"Once the meal is prepared and the child has taken it to the cashier it can't be used anymore," Giddings told NewsFix at a afternoon presser. "We cant put it back and offer to another kid, so we save no money by throwing the meal into the trash."

Giddings hopes the bill will make local schools establish a "grace period" to stop them from publicly identifying a kid when there's a negative balance on their lunch card, and notify their parents instead.

Giddings is also she's raising awareness and funds for local schools in potential debt. She's partnered with North Texas Food Bank for her campaign Feeding Texas a chance to help erase school lunch debt.

"If schools believe that they're going into a deficit, by offering these students lunch during this 'grace period' we want to make them whole."

"We've probably had $14,000 come in a three week period."

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