Maggie’s Must-Haves: Dads can brew their own craft beer this Father’s Day

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HOUSTON -- Cheers to dad with this Maggie's Must-Have Father's Day gift.

FastBrewing and WineMaking has recently launched their newest creation the 14G FastFerment. The FastFerment is the perfect Father`s Day gift for dads who love the art of beer and wine fermenting.

The FastFerment is a one-stage conical fermenter that allows brewers and winemakers to do their primary and secondary fermentation in the same unit. Limiting exposure to oxygen, the closed system creates high-quality batches every time. A unique proprietary collection ball allows users to quickly and cleanly siphon off yeast and sediment or harvest it for later use.

The 14G FastFerment is available for pre-sale on its own or with additional accessories.

Pre-order at and save up to 30% off retail.

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