The .GIF is celebrating 30 years of moving the internet!

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CYBERSPACE - Thirty years ago an icon was born in cyberspace known as the Gif.

The .Gif, pronounced 'Jif,' which stands for 'graphical interchange format' was born out of the need for a simple, flexible file format to host lower-resolution pictures.

These days-- through memes and other barbs-- the gif is as much a part of pop culture as the net itself.

Early GIFs were cumbersome and lackluster, but by the late 90's, one GIF really took 'gifdom' to another level-- the famous 'dancing baby' gif, spurred on after a spot on the sitcom 'Ally McBeal.'

Before Facebook there was Myspace, a digital domain filled with GIFs!

Remember the classic cowbell .Gif shared everywhere on Myspace back in the day?

Of course, it was inspired by SNL's classic ‘Cowbell’ skit with Will Ferrell and Christopher Walken.

Where would emojis and all the other clever things we love on the net be without the gif?

Yeah, gif, we owe you, big time!

So, happy birthday, GIF and here's to your next 30 years!

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