3 men shot during neighborhood brawl in north Houston, police say

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HOUSTON — Three people were hospitalized Sunday night after an argument between neighbors resulted in gunfire, the Houston Police Department said.

“It’s my understanding, it started out between the two house and then there were several people and then there were several other people involved,” HPD Lt. Larry Crowson said. “We don’t know if it was everybody from the two houses or people from the neighborhood joining in. It just seems there were a lot of people involved in it.”

Officers responded to a shooting call around 11 p.m. in the 200 block of Styers Street near Fulton Street. When police arrived they found two victims, including one man who had been shot in the leg and another resident with a gunshot wound to the arm.

Both men were taken to the hospital by paramedics and are expected to survive, police said.

Moments later, police received reports of a third victim with a gunshot wound to the chest. The man was taken to the hospital in a private vehicle.

No word yet on his condition.

“Right now we don’t really know who all were shooting and what really caused it,” Crowson said.