Audio recording of Alex Jones and Megyn Kelly conversation leaked

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AUSTIN - Info Wars host and conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones is at it again.

This time, putting TV host Megyn Kelly on blast. Jones leaked an audio recording of a pre-interview conversation between him and the NBC anchor.

"She wanted to do a softball profile of Alex Jones and when she got here with her crew of intelligence operatives, she did the opposite of what she said and so I was recording the whole time," Jones said.

It's Jones' attempt to set the record straight regarding several controversial topics that will air on Kelly's new show, which Jones says were taken out of context.

"I'll ask you about some of the controversies of course and you'll say whatever you want to say, but it's not going to be some gotcha hit piece. I promise you that," Kelly said in the recording.

This comes after the network released a promo about her segment with Jones, discussing the Sandy Hook shooting hoax conspiracy theory.

In the recording, Kelly also said, "My goal is for your listeners and the Left, who will be watching, some on NBC, to say, wow that was interesting."

The new promo goes against everything that she said.

Audio doesn't lie Megyn but maybe you do?