Christian schools top the list in number of alcohol-, drug-related arrests in Texas

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TEXAS – Parents, consider this if you are looking to send your kids off to a school where they will get a wholesome, college education.

Apparently, just because students go to a good Christian school in Texas doesn’t  mean that they don’t party like sinners.

According to a report by Project Know, Texas Christian University is the college with the most alcohol- and drug-related incidents in the state. The report used information from the 2015 OPE Campus Safety and Security crime data.

TCU reported 747 alcohol-related disciplinary actions, arrests or crimes, and 89 drug-related incidents, bringing the total number of Horned Frogs arrested for drugs and alcohol to a whopping 835. That is 424 arrests more than the second school on the list.

Ironically, the silver medal also goes to a Christian university.  Southern Methodist University takes the number two spot for substance incidents.

SMU had 266 alcohol-related incidents and 46 drug-related incidents. Trailing behind in third place is Lubbock’s Texas Tech with 152 alcohol-related incidents and 93 drug-related incidents.

So, where does the stereotypical party schools fall?

Surprisingly, the Texas A&M Aggies and the University of Texas Longhorns are nowhere to be found on the top 10 list.

Of course, there are plenty of factors which are probably not being considered. For example, how strict are the campus safety officers?

Still, 836 incidents for drugs and alcohol!

TCU, y’all need Jesus.