Critter News: Feral Fox, legless duck and Cookie the dog

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SAGADAHOC COUNTY, Maine - The fur was flying in Maine when a guy walking down the road was attacked by a fox.

"It was extremely aggressive, there was no changing it's mind," the victim Mark Sleeper said.

"I was shocked. it was just so unreal," Sleeper's co-worker, Courtney Garrison, said.

What could make a fox act so crazy?

Turns out, the fox had rabies!

"He had porcupine quills through his face," Garrison said. "He was foaming at the mouth, so I'm sure he was in some pain."

Unfortunately, Sleeper couldn't get away without being bitten.

He was later taken to the hospital and given a rabies shot.

"It could have been a lot worse," Sleeper said. "If that's all I get out of this and nobody else gets hurt- that's the main thing."

Another man had his hands full with another kind of wild animal.

"They all get mean when you grab 'em," the contracted Florida python hunter said.

The lucky guy has the awesome job of clearing the  Florida Everglades of pythons and found 40 eggs python eggs.

Officials said, if hatched, they could have led to 1,000 pythons crawling the Everglades.

Speaking of hatchlings.

A duck born unable to walk spent two years struggling to get by with just one leg.

The duck known as Snuggles is now getting help at Hoo Haven Wildlife Rehabilitation in Illinois.

A Go Fund Me page was launched for Snuggles to get a new wheelchair to get around.

Snuggles even has a new best friend, 'Buttercup' the pelican.

The two BFFs are inseparable!

"He sleeps by her, he grooms her, he does not stray far from her," Hoo Haven Director Karen Herdklotz said.

If that story didn't warm your heart maybe this one will.

A pup named 'Cookie' has become a viral sensation for only eating half her bowl of food every night.

Her owner posted on Twitter that Cookie and her best friend-- 'Stitch'-- used to share a food bowl and the owner taught Cookie to only eat half the food in the bowl so Stitch could eat, too.

But Stitch has passed away and now Cookie is alone for the first time.

Cookie's owner checked to see if she had eaten and she still left half her bowl full.

As one Tweet responded......"Cookie is too good for this world."

Amen to that!