Harassment video goes viral: Man calls cops on a cop during routine traffic stop

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FRIENDSWOOD, Texas-- We've seen it time after time, after time. Saying the exact wrong thing at exactly the wrong time and with camera's rolling.

Case in point, a routine traffic stop in Friendswood.

A DPS officer pulls over Steven Jackson for alleged speeding and finds out that Jackson has a gun in the car and asks to see it.

After Jackson declines the request to garnish his weapon to the officer the patrolman had this to say. “OK I’ll find something to arrest you for.”

So Jackson dialed 911 calling the cops, on the cops. Which was kinda genius since he was worried he might be arrested. Jackson has a couple of deferred felonies but the officer didn't know that when he said it. So the officer had to eat his own words.

DPS and Friendswood police have yet to comment. It's just a lesson this officer learned the hard way.