Houston security guard talks down would-be robber

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HOUSTON - Imagine being held at gunpoint, then let go with a hug.

Crazy as it sounds, that's what happened to a Houston security guard Wednesday.

"He was like where's your wallet. I reached for my wallet, he let me reach for it and I opened it and I was like I don't have any money," Bailey said.

Susalyn Bailey, who works for top gun security, said the would-be robbery went down near South Gessner and West Bellfort.

She was in her car but, before she could pull off a gunman hungry for cash forced his way into the backseat, demanding she drive him to a Wells Fargo ATM.

"I drove to the bank and I was telling him I don't even bank here. So, I'm like what do you want me to do," Bailey said?

"He just started breaking down in the backseat. He was like I have 2 daughters at home. I have a 9-to-5 job and he started apologizing," said Bailey.

Bailey credits her on-the-job security training and background in law enforcement for her own survival.

Sounds like her negotiation skills turned what could have been a tragedy into triumph.