Montgomery County officials locate owners of ‘Justice,’ dog found with mouth taped shut

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MONTGOMERY COUNTY, Texas-- The heartbreaking story of the female dog named 'Justice' found on a roadside in Montgomery County with her mouth taped shut with several layers of electrical tape has taken another twist.

The Montgomery County Sheriff's Office said they have located the two previous owners of Justice and interviewed them.

They say there is no indication that either of them harmed the dog in any way.

So, the question remains-- who would commit such a horrible act of animal cruelty?

"It's pretty amazing and appalling that we see this type of thing around Houston, but we do," Aaron Johnson of S.A.F.E. Animal Shelter, where Justice was rescued, said.

When Justice was found, officials say it was evident the tape had been there for a very long time.

Authorities believe somebody may have taken the dog from her residence and dumped her on the road in this torturous condition.

"It could be kids that are, you know, curious and just don't know any better or it could just be somebody with really bad intentions," Johnson said. "We really don't know."

Authorities just want to find who did this before any other animals or people are harmed.

"There's lots of studies out there that show that people who start with crimes that deal with animals are interlinked with violence between humans," Johnson said.

And this terrible crime against Justice, definitely demands justice!