NewsFix in Space: Earth-like planets, Saturn’s rings and new worlds

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OUTER SPACE - And now it's time once again for NewsFix in Space!

Today's adventure takes us to the far reaches of our galaxy where NASA just announced that the universe has got a lot bigger!

No, not from a big bang.

From a discovery made by the Kepler spacecraft which has found 219 more new potential exoplanets, including 10 earth-size planets in the area known as the 'Goldilocks' zone.

Yeah, scientists revealed there are about 4,034 planets in our galaxy!

Man, that's a lot of star power!

Scientists said at least one new planet almost matches earth exactly.

Its mass is about 30 percent wider, but its orbit is nearly one year.

So, could this finally be the link to other life forms?

Well, the truth is out there!

Lastly, let's dive into Saturn's rings.

NASA's Cassini spacecraft caught the rings on a fly-by.

Scientists said the wavy features in the rings are shaped by Saturn's moons and the way their particles interact.

That's quite a spin cycle!

Until next time keep watching the skies and keep watching NewsFix in Space!