Survey claims parents in UK spend $500 per kid for summer activities

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By Natalie Hee,

According to a survey, parents in the UK spend on average $500 to keep kids entertained over the summer.

Newsfix went out to investigate and it seems like most parents here say, "I wish".

"Oh that's way too low. I mean for a family like ours, we move a lot. We do a lot of things. We're not big homebodies. I like to go out at least once a day," Amanda Wilson said.

"$500 is really, really low and that doesn't include any travel trips," Saritha Yalamanchili said.

Parents said summer camp fees alone would be triple that cost at minimum.

"Per kid, I would say probably $1500 to $2500," Wilson said.

"Putting him in camps for just like four to five weeks is going to cost $1500 to $1600. It's about $300 a week, at least," Yalamanchili said.

In fact, we only found one parent who said they'll spend less than $500 on their kids this summer.

"'I'm going to say that's little high. You can budget. You can take your own food. We bring our snacks. We bring our water bottle. Those little things add up," Reyna Pena said.

Most places like the Houston Zoo and Children's Museum of Houston, host free admission days at least once a week or once a month.

So just relax and remember that summer should be all about fun, not breaking your bank!