Critter News: Garbage Rat goes viral, rattlesnakes and wild turkey

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NEW YORK-- From the annals of viral video sensations like 'Keyboard Cat' and 'Dramatic Chipmunk' came New York's famed 'Pizza Rat.'

Well, now it's time to move over, Pizza Rat cause  'Garbage Rat' is here.

"You gotta see this, my man. This dude is dragging a bag of garbage," one resident told a friend while watching the video of the new viral star.

Yep, that little rat apparently dragged an entire bag of trash across a Big Apple sidewalk before digging into a little personal pizza.

"Get the heck out of here!" another resident exclaimed while also watching the video. "Oh, my Lord!"

And apparently, there are plenty more rats where he came from!

"That's the hole they coming out of," the local told a reporter. "We patched that one, they come out somewhere else on the block."

"Even when I'm standing in front of my house, you can see 'em runnin' past your feet," a neighborhood resident said. "They like they being playing tag. It's like this their block!"

Better keep plenty of pizza handy, then!

Meanwhile, a woman in California met a very different kind of creepy, crawling critter!

It was a snake in a crack her driveway.

In a surveillance video, she runs to pick it up because she thinks it's her little boy's toy rope but it was a real live baby rattlesnake!

She dropped that sucker in a hurry and high-tailed it out of there with her dog thinking she was wanting to play.

Finally, up in Canada there's a wild turkey terrorizing a neighborhood!

"I seen him sitting out at the Tim Horton's," a local woman said. "I didn't want to go in there one day, but he's alright."

Yep, meet 'Terry the Turkey!' He even has his own hashtag: #TerryTheTurkey.

This bad bird has been known to get into just about everything.

Still, some residents find him rather charming.

"How often do you see a turkey? A wild turkey? He's just amazing,"

Terry's even been known to cause a few traffic jams, but hey he's no jive turkey!

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