‘Happy the App’ shares feelings instead of rides

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HOUSTON - Life got ya down? Got no one to talk to? There's an app for that!

"Happy the app" is kind of like Uber, but instead of sharing your ride with a stranger, you're sharing your feelings.

Their website boasts around 2500 "happy givers" who are vetted and approved because of their "gift for deep listening, and acceptance."

Happiness doesn't come cheap. According to a Vice article, "Happy" users pay 40 cents a minute.

Happy givers are only supposed to provide encouragement and support, not advice...unless they're directly asked for it, then they can.

Hmmm... What does a licensed therapist think about such an app?

“I think the benefits are that it offers to the public an opportunity for anyone that doesn't have anyone to speak with or who may feel uncomfortable speaking to people they know the opportunity to be able to just talk about what's on their mind," Alan Simberg, Ph.D., said. "The downside is, if the person that's listening is not trained to understand what to say and how to be helpful, that person can actually do more harm than good."

But hey if it helps someone get through the day, who are we to judge, right? Cause sometimes, we all need someone to lean on.

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