Trump worst week ever

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WASHINGTON, D.C. -  President Donald Trump is probably having the worst birthday week in all of his 71 years.

POTUS 45 may not be speaking out in person, but he is lashing out on Twitter.

This, after The Washington Post reported Robert Mueller's special counsel is now investigating the president for possible obstruction of justice.

According to officials, the investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 U.S. election reached a turning point after Trump fired former FBI Director James Comey.

Mueller is reportedly interviewing three top intelligence officials as a part of the investigation, including Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, National Security Agency Director Mike Rogers and Richard Ledgett, who recently retired from his position as deputy NSA director.

The Post reports the probe will also look into possible financial crimes among Trump associates.

So, how do Texans feel about the drama surrounding Trump's presidency?

According to a poll by The University of Texas -Texas Tribune, there is a stark difference in perception depending on one's political party.

Only 9 percent of Texan republicans believe Russia influenced the 2016 election, but 75 percent of Texan democrats do believe Russia meddled.

80 percent of Texan republicans believe Trump is competent in contrast to only 5 percent of Texan democrats.

While most republicans do not not think the president has a bad temperament almost every democrat thinks he does.

With those numbers nobody is going to agree until Mueller's special counsel provides America with the truth , whatever that is!

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