HCSO: Suspected drunken driver causes three crashes, including one fatal

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HARRIS COUNTY, Texas — The Harris County Sheriff's Office is investigating after an alleged drunken driver was accused causing three separate crashes — including one fatality — Saturday morning in the Tomball area, authorities said.

"The driver of the Kia we have found to be intoxicated," Sgt S. Wolverton said.

Investigators said the driver of a Kia was heading south on Highway 249. The first crash was at Seton Lakes, then he crashed into another car a few blocks to the south, and finally, he crashed into a red Jeep at Antoine.

"Prior to this crash that he caused. We know that he caused two previous crashes and fled the scene of both of those crashes," Sgt. Wolverton said.

The Jeep spun around and came to a stop in oncoming traffic with no lights. Soon after, a GMC truck crashed into the Jeep.
That second impact killed the female driver of the Jeep. She died at the scene. The driver of the truck was not hurt and was not charged.

The driver of the Kia was taken to the hospital and has been charged with his third DWI.

Sgt. Wolverton added, "At this time, he is in custody for a felony DWI. His criminal record indicates he has been convicted twice previously of DWI. Obviously he didn't learn his lesson from those two previous DWIs."

Deputies say the driver could face felony murder charges if a witness can show he blew through a red light to initiate the accident.

While deputies were working to clean up the crash, a car sped through the scene and that driver was found to be intoxicated too. Deputies arrested him and towed his car away as well.

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