Local RockStar Art Gallery hosts show all about CW 39’s own Maggie Flecknoe

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HOUSTON - It's definitely a case of art imitating life!

CW 39's own Maggie Flecknoe inspires viewers every day but for some Houstonians, that morning dose just isn't enough!

That's why RockStar Gallery decided to host an art show all about Maggie!

After Maggie covered the gallery back on St. Patrick's Day, she really bonded with all the artists there.

"And I said, 'Hey, how about we do a tribute to Maggie and do an art show all about Maggie," RockStar Gallery's Cherie Salinas recalled.

Maggie already shines and dazzles with her 'Outfit of the Day,' so naturally, we had to see what she's wearing tonight!

"So, I am wearing a Pablo Picasso-- doing a little twirl-- and of course, my shoes are everything. They're Katy Perry Shoes Collection," Maggie displayed.

To further inspire the artists, Maggie answered a bunch of questions to help guide their art.....like she's a native of Denver, Colorado....and sunflowers are her favorite flower.

"We read all her answers, so we just came up with different interpretations of how to do a tribute to Maggie," Cherie explained.

When it comes to inspiration, Maggie's already delivered....like when Jimmy Kimmel featured her big win from the rodeo goat milking competition!

Plus, she's actually the voice of a Japanese anime character!

Now, some lucky artist will win a grand prize at the 'All about Maggie' art show.

"The wildest creation I think would probably be this one, because it's got great, bright colors and bold images," Cherie said.

"It's crazy! I walked in, and I saw myself," Maggie laughed. "And I appreciate art so much. To be their muse.. it's such an honor! And it's humbling, and I was actually nervous!"

We've known she's a rock star for quite awhile, and now everyone at RockStar Gallery knows, too.

Keep rockin', Maggie and catch her on "Morning Dose" starting next Thursday at 5am!

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