Massive landslide in China buries more than 100 people

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UPDATE – At least 15 bodies have been recovered from the rubble of a landslide in southwestern China, state news outlets reported, citing emergency officials.

CCTV also says 118 people were missing in the disaster, which occurred in Sichuan province.
About 1,000 rescue workers using life-detection equipment hustled through the night to locate survivors. Dozens of homes were buried.
Heavy rainfall is thought to be a possible cause of the accident, according to the provincial government’s Land and Resources Department.


CHINA – Rescuers in China are scrambling to save victims of a horrific landslide. State media report a family of three has been saved from the rubble, but more than 120 people are still missing, and dozens of houses were buried.

The rescued family is reportedly a couple and their baby. They were taken to a hospital.

The landslide struck a village in southwestern China’s Sichuan province. Some 780 rescue workers have responded to the scene and Chinese President Xi Jinping has called on them to do all they can to reach the victims.


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