Study finds workers waste about 17 hours a week on worthless emails

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HOUSTON - What's the most frightening phrase in the office?

"You've got mail."

A new study says workers sent and received 112.5 Billion business emails per day all around the world! The study concluded the average worker wastes about 17 hours a week on worthless emails!

"Yeah, I would say it's pretty much time-consuming," Houstonian Ralondo Zillarreao agreed. "If you do it per week, it'd probably be anywhere from five to seven hours, maybe."

"I'm getting them  constantly throughout the day," Parker Edwards shared.

"A week? I mean, probably like a hundred or so," Cristyan Medina concluded. "Uh, it depends on how often I check my email."

The study also found that about a third of the time.....most emails being sent and received aren't urgent.

"So I spend at least 20 minutes going through and deleting emails that I don't even really want to look at," Edwards added.

So, are You getting bombarded with useless emails?

"A whole bunch of emails!" Edwards revealed. "I check my phone like every two hours, and I have like 15 emails, so it's about 60 emails a day!"

"About 170 a week, of worthless emails," Zillarreao summed up.

"I have like 13,000 emails that aren't checked, so there's a reason why I don't really check 'em," Medina said.

"If you miss one day, they start stacking up and stacking up, and it's a big hassle," Zillarreao warned.

So, what's the best way to deal with email overload?

"You can just send an IM, and back in the day-- IMs were very cool," Edwards laughed.

"There's better ways to communicate, especially in the office, in the workforce," Zillarreao suggested. "You don't need to send an email for every damn thing."

People who don't let email run their lives say it's time to recognize email is just one tool of communication, but not the only one! That advice is worth sharing.....even in an email!

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