VIDEO: Cop punches, kicks, knees man during traffic stop

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BY Natalie Hee,

WORTHINGTON, Minn. — Dashcam video has captured yet another disturbing police beating.

The video shows Worthington police officer Joe Joswiak approach an SUV, open the door and start kneeing and punching the driver while ordering him to get out of the car.

According to case documents, on July 28, 2016, Joswiak, who was off duty at the time, tried to pull Anthony Promvongsa over after he allegedly followed the officer to closely and sped past him. Promvongsa then allowed the officer to catch up and confronted him through his window and said he was going to go get his boys and come back to get him.

"This was really a vicious attack on this young man. It was not just an arrest but it was really an attack, a beating, an assault," American Civil Liberties Union Interim Legal Director, John Gordon said.

Joswiak can be heard screaming expletives and yelling at Promvongsa to "get the f***  out of the car! Show me your f***** hands."

The Minnesota ACLU is now calling for an investigation into Joswiak, saying they want him fired and prosecuted.

"Police have a very important job to do and valuable job to do, to enforce the law and to protect people. it is not their job to take punishment into their own hands and whoop on people," Gordon said.

Promvongsa’s attorney said that he has pleaded not guilty to fleeing from police and using his car as a weapon.

No trial date has been set.