Tearful reunion after 22-month-old kidnapped by father in Galena Park

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HOUSTON — Tears rushed down the face of a mother reunited with her 22-month-old son after the child was taken by his father, according to the Galena Park Police Department. Jesus Ludena was found safe, and the Amber Alert has since been canceled.

“I don’t care about my face. I don’t care about anything. I just care about my baby,” the child’s mother said with her face covered in bruises and medical bandage. “And I waited for him in jail.”

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Alejandro Sebastian Ludena, 25, took the child Tuesday afternoon, sending law enforcement on a search for a brown 2008 Honda Civic with license plate number HBF2149 and its front and rear bumpers missing.

Investigators said the child's parents had gotten into an argument that quickly turned violent. The mother said Ludena hit her at least 5 times in the head with his hand, causing her to possibly faint.

"I don't remember much; everything happened so fast," the mother said. "I was just there on the floor. When I tried to get up, I couldn't. I got up, and when I put my hands to my face it was full of blood."

She claims Ludena quickly went to the car and drove off. The mother reached out to her two friends and police officers for help, she said.

Ludena was found within hours of an Amber Alert being issued, police said. The child appears to be physically OK.

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"He's a little distressed because he's seen all of this, but he's fine," the mother said. "He'll be fine."

It's still unclear what led to the initial argument or what it concerned. The child's mother simply said, "we have a lot of problems."

On the other hand, she added, "But there's a limit, and we all have a limit, and today was that limit."

It's possible Ludena may face assault charges, but the mother said all she wants is justice.

"Justice and that the whole world knows the kind of man he is, and that no woman believes in him again. No woman deserves this— no one deserves this," the mother said. "That he pays for this, and he doesn't do this against another woman. [That] when he gets out, [he] doesn't do this to someone else. He has mental problems, and I am worried for me and my children."