Sex makes you smarter and older dads have geeky sons, study says

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LONDON--  A new study from the Universities of Oxford and Coventry studied the sex habits of 28 men and 45 women and found that sex makes you smarter.

Those that answered they had sex on the daily scored an average 2 points higher than those that said they had sex monthly and 4 points higher than those who rarely, or ever had sexual relations.

The results were the same for men and women.

But for you men out there… if you dream of of building space rockets rather than playing catch in the backyard, you might want to wait a little longer before you have kids.

Another study from across the pond finds that men that waited longer to have kids, had geekier sons.

The study surveyed 7,781 twins and found that being geeky was 57% inherited from the parents, particularly in male children with older fathers. The children were assessed at the age of 12 on their nonverbal intelligence, restrictive/repetitive behaviors and social aloofness.

Their scores were put together to form a "geek index" and those who ranked the highest had higher IQs, stronger focus levels and less concern about fitting in with others.

"I think it's quite important that we can relieve the stigma for older fathers," Janecka said. "It's important to add something positive to that and to make older fathers not feel guilty about how their kids do in life."

The geek index started visibly rising in those with fathers who were older than 35 at the child's conception. Males with fathers who were older than 50 at conception were 32% more likely to score higher on exams in STEM subjects than the offspring of fathers who were under 25, according to the study.
Men who decide to have a child at an advanced age, they are somewhat different. It's not like the normal population of men having children," Janecka said.

"They stay in education for a longer period of time, they focus on their job till later in life, or they are socially maybe less skilled than men who decide to have children earlier."