Houstonians protest healthcare bill as Senate delays vote until after Independence Day

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HOUSTON - GOP leaders decided to delay a vote on the Senate's version of the healthcare bill until after the July 4 recess, which gives Republican leaders time to tweak the current bill and allows Texas senator John Cornyn more time to try and pull in some votes.

"This bill is not perfect, but it's much better than the status quo," Cornyn said. "It's also much better than a meltdown of the Obamacare exchanges, which will put millions of people at risk."

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office reviewed the Senate's current plan and an estimated 22 million people would lose health coverage by 2026, if it's passed. That would include Americans who either cannot afford the new plan or choose not to join it.

On Tuesday, protesters with "Indivisible Houston" rallied outside of Senator Ted Cruz's office in downtown Houston.

"We want Ted Cruz to do his job, which means killing this terrible bill, instead of killing the American people, including those most affected in the Houston area," organizer, Daniel Cohen said.

Under the Senate version, federal contributions to Medicaid would start declining in 2020.

15 million people would be estimated to lose Medicaid in the next 10 years.

"What you're doing to children, to disabled children, to seniors, to people who have no fault but to get sick is an abomination. It doesn't look like the country I've known my whole life," Rebecca Rodriguez said.

Pediatrician Alex Yudovich says 85 percent of the patients he serves at his clinic in southeast Houston are on Medicaid.

"Two out of five children in the United States are covered with Medicaid," Yudovich said. "So, decreasing access to medical care is a big problem. Any costs that would have to shift from Medicaid to the parents may be pretty detrimental to a lot of families."

It's clear, Congress has the health of our nation in its hands.