‘Woke’ added to dictionary, U.S. image declines, North Korea compares Trump to Hitler

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NORTH KOREA - Another day in politics, and another reference to Adolph Hitler.

It's no secret that North Korea's dictator isn't a fan of Donald Trump, but now the state-controlled news agency may have gone too far.  KCNA published an article comparing the U.S. President to Hitler and described his "America First" policy as "Nazism in the 21st century." The article states Trump "advocates world domination" using the military, just like "Hitler's concept of world occupation."

While no other nation is making such a harsh comparison, according to a new report, the rest of the world doesn't have a lot of confidence in Trump. PEW Research surveyed residents in 37 nations and found that the image of the U.S. has declined overseas since Trump's move into the Oval Office.

Less than 30 percent of respondents in Germany, Canada, Australia, Japan and the UK said they trust Trump.

By comparison, at least 75 percent in these countries had faith in our president when Obama was in office .

The good news is, most surveyed still have positive views of Americans in general, as well as our movies and our music.

These new views of America brings new meaning to the "Woke" movement, which was recently added to the Oxford-English Dictionary.

The word means pay attention and make good decisions.

Given everything going on in our world these days, maybe it should be our new motto.

"Stay Woke America!"