Pastor Fred reacts to “Whataburger closure” hoax

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McKINNEY, Texas-- Most people in the Lone Star State agree, if you want a good burger there is only one place to go and that is Whataburger.

So you can imagine the backlash when news hit that the popular burger joint was going belly-up.

“When I first heard that was going down with Whataburger, tears came to my eyes,” said Pastor Fred. “I’m emotional just thinking about it! I was wondering, 'How could we get to this place?'”

Turns out the fake news making the rounds on social media was that Whataburger was closing all of their stores in February of 2018. On Wednesday, the burger giant tweeted that the news was, in fact, a hoax and they were not going anywhere.

Whataburger super fan Pastor Fred is best known for his viral video singing about the burger chain’s Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit. He says when he heard that the burger chain was safe, it was divine intervention.

“I felt like it was a bright light. A new day. I felt like it was a message to all of America, that Whataburger needs to be a part of your life! Now we all have to embrace the Honey Butter Chicken Biscuit!”

Sounds like our favorite burger joint really is something to sing about. So what's his advice for those who fell for the hoax?

“Get you a Whataburger, get you a patty melt and get you a honey butter chicken biscuit in the morning. It’ll make you feel all right!”

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