Protest against South Korea’s Dog Meat Trade Festival calls to end cat and dog eating

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HOUSTON -- "Friends, not food!!!" is the chant that could be heard if you were driving down Post Oak Boulevard Friday afternoon.

Protesters gathered across the street from the Korean Consulate General with signs and bullhorns in order to be the voice for the millions of dogs and cats who are brutally slaughtered during South Korea's Annual Dog Meat Trade Festival.

"It's 40 hours of torture. It's taking a dog and skinning them alive, and boiling them alive. Think of your dog being strung up and carried to the back while other dogs watch as they take a knife and skin them alive," said Ann Battle.

Many participants of the South Korean festival believe the killings and consuming of the animals are traditions passed down from generation to generation, all to ensure good health and fortune.

Mirela Willhelm, the organizer of the protest, said, "We are trying to bring awareness and let them know that it is not acceptable in a civilized society to treat animals with such cruelty. The more people know, the more people speak out."