Fourth of July safety tips for your dog!

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HOUSTON -- Oh yeah! There's nothing like the Fourth of July!  Family picnics with fireworks, beers and barbecue -- some might say it's even one of the best holidays known to man.

But what about man's best friend? His four-legged friend, that is!

Independence Day is also known as the scariest holiday ever for our furry friends!

Dogs experience the world through their senses, so obviously loud bangs, fireworks, and not to mention flashes of light and burning smells, can be a bit too much for them.

Independence Day sparks more missing dog reports than any other day of the year.

Festive celebrations on the holiday trigger dogs to feel afraid and anxious. When in fear, on instinct they run away to find comfort.

So while you're celebrating red, white and blue this fourth, Jaime Graham, owner of Pet Wants Houston Central, shared a few safety clues to consider before giving your dog the blues.

  • Act calm:  Animals pick up on behavioral cues from their owners, so if you’re jumpy, nervous or scared, they will be too. If you can stay calm and relax, that energy will transfer to them.
  •  DIY Anxiety Wrap: Even if your pet is fine with thunder and you’ve never tried a thunder shirt, this might be helpful during the  fireworks. Take a shirt or tank top that would be lightly snug on your pup and put it on backwards so their tail comes through the  neck. Then tie the shirt tails together to make the shirt snug.
  • Find a quiet place: Move your pet to a closet or interior room with more sound-proofing than the rest of the house. Make sure      to introduce your pets to this area well before the fourth so it feels like a comfortable place instead of a punishment. You can also  try lowering the blinds or turning on the TV to help block out the noise.
  • Bone or Bully Stick: Give your pet something new and fun to distract them from the situation.
  • Pet wants Calm Balm or Skin Spray: With soothing lavender, our house-made balms and salves are great for reducing anxiety associated with new people, new places, and loud noises.
  • CBD Oil: This all-natural, quality-grade hemp oil has components to help dogs feel more comfortable and reduce anxiety.
  • Watch what they eat: Alcohol is very dangerous for pets, so absolutely no alcohol! Also, many people foods we enjoy on holidays have too many calories and too much fat for their systems to handle, and can make them sick. Stick with their regular food and treats made specifically for dogs.
  • Stay Inside: Even though you want to take your dog to the family picnic of the July 4th festival at the park, keeping them home, inside and somewhere quiet can make Independence Day more enjoyable for everyone.

Happy Fourth of July, and may your canine have a much less fearful, anxiety-filled Independence Day this time around!