Nonprofit serves love through a meal to Houston homeless on 4th of July holiday

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HOUSTON - While most people in Houston stuffed their faces and filled their stomachs with Texas BBQ on July 4th, some remembered the need to feed and spent part of the holiday feeding the city's homeless.

Volunteers with Christ Rose Foundation served approximately 250 full course meals in downtown, Tuesday.

The Houston-based nonprofit is all about sharing love through a meal and currently serves three days per week at 2009 Congress Avenue, with the courtesy of the Loaves & Fishes facility.

"There's a difference when people just volunteer and they feel obligated to do it, or people that really love to do it; and everyone that comes here loves to volunteer and it shows," said founder, Cloydia Garrette.

Jambalaya, salad, veggies, and dessert may have been on the menu, however, Christ Rose Foundation prides itself on serving more than food.

"That's sharing a smile, a listening ear, going out and saying 'hey how are you doing?' A lot of times people have the tendency to ignore people on the street," said Garrette.

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