Woman solicits hitman on Craigslist to kill husband

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla-- An Oklahoma City woman is behind bars, after posting a Craigslist ad, in an attempt to kill her ex-husband.

According to a criminal affidavit, 37-year-old Danielle Layman posted the ad, posing as an Israeli intelligence agent. The online ad stated the agent was looking for someone to do a 10-day overseas acting gig in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Tinsley Keefe said she responded to the ad back in May. The two met at a coffee shop, where Layman explained the details of the gig in a PowerPoint presentation.Upon meeting Layman, she realized the acting job included a step-by-step mission to kill an Israeli taxi driver.

"It wasn't for acting or modeling at all, it was about murder for hire. I was scared from the beginning because right during the meeting she said if you tell anybody then we're both going to be dead" said Keefe.

Layman told Keefe she was to hire the man as her taxi driver over a series of days and poison him with ricin. Layman, still pretending to be a secret agent told Keefe that a female tourist would be less likely suspected of such crimes.

Keefe said Layman was offering a $4,000, upon returning from Tel Aviv, to kill the man she claimed was smuggling weapons.

"This was not about killing an ex husband, you were going out to kill ISIS because this guy was transporting weapons," said Keefe.

Weeks later, Keefe realized Layman's intended target was actually her ex-husband.

Keefe reported the murder for hire gig to the authorities ho arrested Layman.

Layman is currently in federal custody facing ten years in prison.