Hip-Hop age cap: Social media drags Jay Z, 50 Cent, over 40 crew

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HOUSTON– The rapper 50 Cent turned 42 Thursday sparking a social media myriad of comments, suggesting the rapper is too old to still be called a rapper.

50, who is never shy of a underhanded retort responded by posting a video of Eminem, 44, rapping a  verse from his classic song ‘Places to go’ and a photo of his albums.

50 wasn’t the only–over the hill rapper– feeling the heat this week.

Jay Z released his 4:44 album on June 30, and went platinum in 3 days. With music piracy limiting sells for most artists, a platinum album is a huge feat.

So why are the haters so mad?

Social media trolls weighed in on the debate with some harsh criticism for the 40 and over Hip-Hop heads.

The recent BET Awards interview with Hip Hop legend Joe Budden and 20-year-old rappers the Migos added more fuel to the debate after Budden’s stormed off during the interview and later tweeted that the rappers were being too sassy and he was justified in leaving.

Others chose to not pick sides in the Hip-Hop debate and instead just asked for everyone to make good music that we all could enjoy.

With all of the new school vs old school beef the question remains is there anyone in the industry right now who could replace a Snoop, Ice Cube or Diddy?

From liquor brands to movie deals and multi-million dollar endorsements these old heads have set the bar very high.

Good luck new school!