National Fried Chicken day: Justice is being served to a restaurant owner beat up over “cold chicken”

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BAXLEY, GA  - It's National Fried Chicken Day and there's nothing Americans love more than a good excuse to go grab themselves a bucket of deep fried chicken wings.

NewsFix totally supports anyone needing a fried fix and one  Georgia couple  experienced this all too well.

The couple was caught on surveillance video beating up a mother and 15-year-old daughter over being served cold chicken.

According to the Baxtley Police Department, there is finger lickin' good news.

The couple turned themselves into authorities Wednesday.

Nathaniel Smith and Latasha Smith both had outstanding warrants for aggravated battery and cruelty to children.

"I think the main reason it went viral as it did, was when he hit her. Thank God we have the video, because otherwise we wouldn't have been able to find out who they were and track them down," said Qwick Chick owner Jeanette Norris.

Thankfully, justice has been served and the pair is paying the consequences.

For Norris, it is difficult reliving the moment that Smith punched her daughter, but she was happy to hear the news.

"It's been an emotional day. It's been a very good day," said Norris.

Justice for Qwick Chick just a day before National Fried Chicken Day is all the more reason to celebrate!