Family seeks justice after Texas City officer robs 74-year-old dying man on Christmas

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TEXAS CITY, Texas--A family is seeking justice for the robbery of their father after reviewing body cam footage of a Texas City Officer.

According to the Texas City Police, body camera footage caught Officer Linnard R. Crouch Jr. days before Christmas 2016 stealing $2400 or more from James Mabe, 74.

Mabe was driving home when Crouch found him dead or dying in his car police said.

Crouch who is now fired from the department was constantly in violation of the Texas City police policy by not having his body camera on when handling the property of others among other violations.

James wife Linda Mabe has filed a lawsuit in federal court in Galveston seeking return of the money.

"Unfortunately I have seen all too many times officers who take advantage of situations," said civil rights lawyer and Linda's lawyer Randall L. Kallinen.

In an ironic twist of fate, Crouch’s grandfather, Texas City Police Officer Clarence Linnard Crouch, was fired in 1966 from the same police force for stealing transistor radios to give as Christmas gifts.